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If an older sibling is the one who takes up the role, s/he is a case of Big Brother Instinct / Big Sister Instinct.

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The Spear Counterpart is referred to as Papa Wolf rather than "Papa Bear".

Disneyfication aside, male bears are notoriously poor parents in the animal kingdom (infanticide among bears is the main reason why mama bears are so protective in the first place), whereas male (and female) wolves will react to their offspring being threatened in a very similar manner to mother bears.

Sometimes overlaps with Apron Matron and Pregnant Badass. , showing that the sweet and caring mother figure is dangerous. Provides a simultaneously simple and believable way to switch someone between dangerous and more "cute" modes without compromising the character as either.

After all, if It's Personal then the claws come out.

Bears usually won't attack humans — but get between a mother bear and her cub, and she'll tear straight through you.