Wpf dependencyproperty binding not updating

However, in most cases, like this one, you will find that there are some elements of your user control that you wish to configure. The WPF / Silverlight binding framework revolves around the concept of dependency properties, you can make any property the source of a binding, but the target must be a dependency property (DP).So let's go ahead and add a A lot of code isn't it?

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I read a book on WPF a while back, it’s a very interesting but has a very steep learning curve (for me anyways).

One of the things I did not get about WPF was this new property system called In a nutshell, the DP system is a radical extension to the normal getter/setter Property system we are so familiar with.

Custom controls are rather special, with the logic being de-coupled from the XAML in order to support templating.

For most needs, the simpler user control is more appropriate.

I really like the ease of hooking this up to other controls on the UI.