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I promise that everything will be even better between us.

I love you for trusting me and letting me try this.

Some other men simply want to share their wife once in a while to give their wife a little variety and to enjoy the experience themselves. If you are repelled by this conduct, please just click away to another site. I didn't want her to come home till I could look less worried and concerned. I went back into the living room and settled in front of the TV.

Whatever the reasons, and whatever the variation of a married woman dating other men, this lifestyle is often called "cuckolding."There are many sites discussing cuckolding, but my husband and I could not find any sites that deal with the process couples go through as they discuss and decide whether the woman should experience other men and what the husband's role should be. If you want to understand more about the emotional side of cuckolding and its many variations, please consider contributing your personal experience so we all can learn from each other about the pitfalls and problems as well as the pleasures of this lifestyle. by Dawn from Bristol Something that always keeps my husband, Jack, very interested and excited is exchanging tales of my dates with a man he works with. Oh yes, she would say that because I did not insist that she not do it, I had agreed that she should do it. As I was crying, I hoped she would not come home and see me that way. I wanted to appear casual and not panicky when she got home.

I slammed things around and talked to myself – shouted actually. I realized that I was sickened by Toni's brazenness on the phone.