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This to me is easily one of the MOST beautiful celebrity gourmand fragrance out there. It's so much like KP's Meow, because of the marshmallow. You only need a little spray otherwise you will be overcome with silly amounts of sweetness!

Meow is a little more candy-like, while Ari has some fruity undertone and it's a liiiiitle bit more rich in this case. It is like Jessica Simpsons' Fancy, but sweeter, and not as 'heavy' with the burnt caramel and caramelised pears of Fancy... By the way, I have no idea about Ariana Grande or her music, and the same with Jessica Simpsons' stuff.

The smell is really floran, but also sweet without smelling too manufactured. The pear, raspberries and citrus just barely peak through but I think even so they make this perfume much more complex because the floral middle notes are very faint and so for me don't do much to add to the complexity.

I can detect no rose whatsoever but the other florals are faintly there to my nose.

It does have a slight generic celeb fragrance sort of feel to it, but for 100 ml for 30 bucks im pretty happy with it. Its got a sunday breakfast in spring kind of feel to it.