Who is paris latsis dating

Paris Hilton's former flame Paris Latsis resurfaced at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Lily Tomlin's latest click, "Grandma," this week.

Latsis, 27, proposed to Hilton, 24, on Wednesday after she returned from a three-week publicity tour in Europe to promote her horror flick, “House of Wax,” and her new fragrance. In March, Forbes magazine’s ranking of the world’s richest people listed the Latsis family at No. “I’m so in love and grateful to have found such an honest and loyal person,” Hilton told Us Weekly.

“I feel like we were meant to be, and I’m happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.” The magazine quoted Latsis as calling Hilton “the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Sure, we’ve been celebrating “Christmas” since the “birth” of “Jesus” about “2000” years ago, but where did this phenomenon truly begin?

Sure, there were the nativity scenes, which your parents probably remember as Nothing is more meaningful than giving someone a gift that is handmade or baked.

“Both families have met, and really like each other.