Who is hannah tan dating

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Who is hannah tan dating

Then in 2008 there was the Intimate Acoustic Session with Hannah Tan at Somo, Mon’t Kiara and well that’s just about my Hannah Tan history.

Anyway if you’ve received any of her gift CDs, postcards, calendar or seen her buntings at events you will have seen some of these pictures.

Having struggled with braces for 6 years, along with several dental procedures, she has also battled with maintaining a bright smile, but was tired of paying over $1,000 annually to get it.

When choosing a product line for her tanning and teeth whitening services, she looked for a more ALL NATURAL source that would still give the same results customers would get from a medical professional, but at half the cost.

Hannah Hepler is a North Carolina native, mom to a rambunctious little boy, and an Army wife.