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“I was on a plane just the other day going over the music and got to the song ‘I Know Where I’ve Been,’ and just the thought of [Jennifer Hudson] singing the song next to me is…it’s giving me chills right now,” he says.

“I’m excited to try out things that I never thought were possible.” Michael Gioia is the Features Manager at

“I rode this very fine line between really cool kid and nerdy artsy kid.” Unlike Seaweed J.

At company auditions, “I would get down to the very end, and it would be between me and one other guy, and I’d end up always losing out,” he admits.

“I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and how to go about it, and one of the choreographer’s assistants who choreographed me at Ailey II happened to be this guy James Brown III, who was the dance captain at The Little Mermaid at the time.

A seemingly light retro comedy set in 1962 Baltimore, the story revolves around a “pleasantly plump” teenager named Tracy Turnblad who wants to become the star dancer on a local TV pop-music show.

But Waters story deals with issues of body image, segregation and integration, interracial teenage romance and, in the film version as Tracy’s mom, Edna, Waters cast Divine, the famous drag queen in one of his last roles.

’ This was my first Broadway audition, [my] first musical theatre audition at all, and I go in there, and it’s a small room.