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Additionally, model binding capabilities have been added to ASP.

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The ": " used in the expression will automatically HTML-encode the output to avoid security issues (for example, cross-site scripting attacks). NET 4 for response writing, but now is also available in data-binding expressions. NET Web Forms, when you wanted to perform two-way data-binding, both retrieving and updating data, you needed to use a Data Source object.

This could be an Object Data Source, a SQL Data Source, a LINQ Data Source and so on.

This attribute enables you to specify a method for retrieving the Grid View data.

Model binding not only enables you to specify custom methods to work with your data directly in the data-bound control, but also allows you to map data from the page into parameters from these methods. Web assembly to be able to use them on Web Forms as well.

This means that you can specify select, update, insert and delete methods directly in the data-bound control to call logic from your code-behind file or from another class.