Updating firmware on router

I have seen this on their Balance line and the Surf SOHO.Their travel router however, does not have this automated reminder.The owner of the router can remain blissfully ignorant of the need to update the firmware or even that firmware exists. For one, the router may not backup the current settings before upgrading the firmware. It can be quite inconvenient for the router to reboot itself whenever it feels like it.

I call this is the worst approach because it requires the most work.

I have also seen instances where the downloaded file was compressed and needed to be uncompressed, a fact not explained by the vendor.

I have also been told that the Linksys WRT1900ACS supports two installed copies of the firmware, but that it is not documented.

The secret handshake for the WRT1900ACS to switch firmwares is to turn it on and off three times.

This is an improvement over the quirky behavior I experienced when trying to upgrade the RT-AC66U's software." Quirky? This page How to update the firmware on an ASUS networking product says "After updating the firmware, we recommend that you restore the factory default settings by pressing the reset button of the device for 5 seconds." This is horrible, it means that you lose all the customizations you made to the router. Still worse, was this observation of the Luma mesh networking system by Tim Higgins in September 2016: "Luma provides neither a way to see [the current] firmware version nor a way to check for updates." It's always nice to know where you stand.