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That being said, it’s no trade secret that skills to manage older systems are becoming scarce. Legacy system users used to weigh the benefits of keeping an existing system with the risks of security concerns. We have the skills you need to manage and secure your business-critical data – even on an older platform.We pride ourselves in ensuring that companies have disaster recovery (DR) solutions with a 100% success rate, without needing to make any excessive, inconvenient changes to their current IT environment. This is great news for both companies’ clients, partners, and employees, who will all benefit from our combined full-service IT solutions portfolio.

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CBTS and On X […] To achieve the Cisco Master of Security Certification, On X team members had to show their exact understanding of individual Cisco security practices, as well as demonstrate a deep understanding of how those practices should function as a cohesive set of solutions.

The On X team also had to showcase current examples of successful projects in which […] Regionally dispersed companies that must store data within the borders of a specific nation.

At the time, I was working on a 3-tier Java web project.

Ruby on Rails had Active Record Migrations and I asked, “Why can’t I have that for Java?

Additionally, it identifies where workloads have dependencies which must be addressed in making a transition to cloud.