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United States Department of Defense, because the war ended before the case was heard.

In 1995, Victor Navasky bought the magazine and, in 1996, became publisher.

Dennett interviewed Confederate veterans, freed slaves, agents of the Freedmen's Bureau, and ordinary people he met by the side of the road.

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Villard's takeover prompted the FBI to monitor the magazine for roughly 50 years. When Albert Jay Nock, not long afterward, published a column criticizing Samuel Gompers and trade unions for being complicit in the war machine of the First World War, The Nation was briefly suspended from the U. This organization was also responsible for academic responsibilities, including conducting research and organizing conferences, that had been a part of the early history of the magazine.

Nation Associates became responsible for the operation and publication of the magazine on a nonprofit basis, with Kirchwey as both president of Nation Associates and editor of The Nation magazine.

Thereafter, he remade The Nation into a current affairs publication and gave it an anti-classical liberal orientation.