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My mother was not like the other Indian Brahmin mothers.

She had married my father early and my dad was 10 yrs older than her.

I often picked them up and smelt them and only put them down after masturbation.

Obviously i said yes and to my utter surprise she pulled out a bag and started looking for them.

She then took them out and i saw that they were really old and mom said that she will put the on later. There was also a small outhouse located at some distance from the big bungalow.

She was just like my friend and with her i used to spend a lot of my time.

And now when she was having fits, i knew it’s the loving care of her son which she needs. We were going smooth and happy and she was getting better all the time. After a few days, father told us on the dining table that he had arranged a vacation tour for us and he had to stay back for some official work and could join us only after 2 weeks.

I had seen her for the first time in such exciting colors but there were more surprises later which i would tell.


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