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Ramn: te hago participe de los tacos que Alex y yo negociaremos en Mayo. Having read some of the articles makes me realize that the problem is not just localized to the Gaza strip and the Westbank.

Everything in excess is harmful, like ISLAM for fanatics is dangerous.

I wish that they could learn to TOLERATE one another and give life and love a chance. Cindndy- i am still breastfeeding, but I have started her on solids, and soon I will start her on rice cerial. She wears clothes 3 months older than her age, the pediatrician tells me she's80% larger, taller, and brain size than her age.

I GUESS THEY THINK THE SAME ABOUT PIGS OR ESCARGOT. Por cierto, Qu te parece que ahora que vengas en Mayo, nos veamos en mi casa, todos los que viven en Mxico? Recuerdas la razon por la cual llegabas tarde a football practice o alguien del equipo te tenemos que recordar? It does sound like the suicide bombers are getting "financial compensation" from backers in Syria.

Ya me diste tu calendario, es cuestin de confirmarlo desde ahorita para que la empiece a organizar. I am wondering if the violence would stop if all of the Palestinian refugees (which are spread throughout the Middle East) would have their own country or would it eventually continue?

Biblically, what you are seeing happening is what is written will happen, I believe that soon there will be a political leader that will arise from Europe who will confirm the right of Israel to exist and will set a border and divide the Temple Mount and the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt and Old Testament sacrifices started again.