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Definitions We use the phrase “teen dating violence” (TDV) because that is the language generally used by advocates and the public health community to describe abusive and controlling behaviors in adolescent relationships.

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By incorporating conversations about TDV in your work and by listening to what young people have to say about their feelings and experience of abuse, you can create a culture of trust where young people feel that they have something to gain by disclosing their experience.

Incidence and Impact As indicated in the statistics above, both boys and girls experience forms of teen dating violence (TDV); however, it is important to note that girls and boys are differentially impacted by these forms of abuse where girls who are victimized report significantly higher rates of fear and injury than do boys who are victimized.

A poll conducted by the Associated Press and MTV in 2009 found that 50% of young people ages 14-24 have experienced digitally abusive behavior.

The AP-MTV poll (2009) defined digital abuse in this way: writing something online that wasn’t true, sharing information that a person didn’t want shared, writing something mean, spreading false rumors, threatening physical harm, impersonation, spying, posting embarrassing photos or video, being pressured to send naked photos, being teased, and encouraging people to hurt themselves. There are both similarities and important differences between adult domestic violence and teen dating violence.

The barriers that teens facing in ending abusive relationships may be different than those faced by adults, but they are real.