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First up, probably one of the most visible when discussing teen dating violence: Liz Claiborne Inc.’s Love is Not Abuse. When you look at these posters what kinds of words or thoughts are going through your mind when you read about their situations on each red flag – sadness, fear, humiliation, jealousy, violence, pride, defiance, anger?

All girls could be experiencing violence; these pictures from the Red Flag Campaign show what kinds of situations they might be facing.

With the issue of teen dating violence, campaigns and programs vary from national campaigns spotlighting the issue to local programs offering services to teens and their parents.

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Maybe they are being put down by a partner, pressured into sex, or even the one hurting their partner.

These girls show that anybody could be the victim – or even perpetrator – of emotional abuse, verbal manipulation, or physical violence.

While concern of unrest centres on the deprived inner city borough of Tower Hamlets, Mrs May also banned marches in Newham, Waltham Forest, Islington, Hackney and the City of London amid fears that demonstrations could spill across the border.

A spokesman for the union said: ‘At no time has RMT talked about a strike - this is a clear cut safety issue for our members who have already had experience in the past of EDL mobilisations.

One article notes that at least 10 percent of teens have been involved in a violent dating situation and the rising use of technology among teens as young as 12 may be contributing to these numbers. Sexting I is extremely common among teens and contributes to negative risky sexual behaviour, exposure to violence and coercion in young relationships.


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