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BELK’ S INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT Belk’s stream of research provides an opportunity to examine the way the field has changed in the last 23 years since his first major publication, and critically interrogate the nature and impact of these developments on future consumer research.

His early work is clearly derived from cognitive psychology and emphasizes prediction of purchase based on situational elements (Belk 19).

Interestingly, his work on extended self (Belk 1988), was, and still is, considered by many as radical, unscientific, and not coterminous with the dominant conception of marketing (Cohen 1989), despite the fact that it is based largely on the work of Erich Fromm (Fromm 1976) an influential and respected scholar of psychology and Csikszentmihalyi and Rochberg-Halton (1981) renowned scholars of sociological phenomena.

Throughout his research career, Belk has drawn upon a diverse array of intellectual material including anthropology, psychology, economics, humanities and sociology, interweaving the discourses to create a rich metatheory that acknowledges the existence of multiple truths, yet provides a rich conceptual framework to apply to the study of consumption.

Micken 1995; Cole and Sherrell 1995; and a host of others).


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