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Her marriage and family origin are indicated by the Historia Pontificum et Comitum Engolismensis which records that "castellum Chabanes et Confolent" was claimed by Ademaro domino Rupis-Folcaudi..parte uxoris su when it was granted by Vulgrin d Angoulme to Roberto de Burgundio, [Aimerico de] Rancone together with filia Jordani Eschivati who had died without male heirs A charter dated to after 1140 records an agreement between "Amelia de Cabaniaco et Matildis filia mea" and Saint-Pierre d Angoulme regarding "manso de Sorouma", for the souls of "virorum nostrorum Jordani de Cabaniaco et Ademari de Rupe et Maenti".

This second charter suggests that Mathilde was the daughter of Eschivats wife by an earlier marriage.

For convenience they are grouped under Central Poitou, to the south of Poitiers, and Chtellerault to the north, south of the county of Tours.

The town of Chabanais straddles the river Vienne, arrondissement Confolens, in the present-day French dpartement of Charente, and in medieval times was located in the southern part of the county of Poitou.

A manuscript genealogy names Jordanum as the son of Jordanum, son of Jordanum qui fundavit Stirpense monasterium, adding that he was killed ad sanctum Junianumd Angoulme, daughter of GEOFFROY Comte d Angoulme & his first wife Ptronille d Archiac.