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“I don’t get where they’re going, nor do I want to go there,” Sophia says, and everyone agrees because they don’t want to expose their own ignorance by not agreeing.

The crepes on the other hand are boring, but they too are bad.

” Pete says to Manu, and then the camera pans to Sophia and a sound affect plays. “I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS ENOUGH BROTH!!!

” she says as Carmine confesses that he, of course, has fucked up the quail.

Everyone agrees that Carmine and Lauren’s duck is raw. Now it’s time for the other two teams to make dessert. ” Pete says, without adding that there is definitely a reason for that. “It’s a dish with a lot of humour in it,” says a bored Manu, contemplating murder-suicide. Manu says he does get it and smiles, but you can actually see him try to figure out how he could kill Pete Evans, grind up his remains, put them in a Magnum and get away with it forever. Camilla looks like she wants to vomit out of her eyeballs.