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We have been selected as one out of twelve departments nationally to address the “scientific literacy” gap for undergraduate students in sociology through participation in the Integrating Data Analysis project.

Faculty members have implemented data modules into all courses, especially non-research courses, to foster students’ research skills and experience.

He found that blacks who as a group may support interracial marriage in principal — preventing intermarriage was a goal of segregation — remain more reluctant than other groups to date and marry whites. Washington, Jr., author of And Harvard Sociologist Orlando Patterson has noted how other minority groups benefit through intermarriage from exchanging everything from child-rearing techniques to cultural traditions.

"It shows me how much we're still a racialized nation and that has a bigger impact than we want to admit in people's lives, in that they would use race so prominently in choosing potential people for dating," Yancey says. "For nonblacks, assimilation is alive and well in America," Patterson wrote in 2009, in an "endlessly dynamic two-way cultural process.

From the medium-sized cities (but not the largest among them) he selected five male and five female profiles.