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But to truly connect with someone on the most intimate of levels requires some measure of vulnerability and allowing someone to see you and love you.

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When looking for your Best Match, it is imperative that you resist profiling them for step-parenthood. Because one day you’ll be old and wrinkly and have little left to offer each other besides unconditional love and never-ending companionship. They’ll internalize your loneliness as being their fault. If you’re longing for companionship, it isn’t noble to martyr your own happiness and say it’s for the kids. It’s about your own pain, shame, fear, whatever, that is preventing you from getting out there.

Look at how many marriages fail after the kids move out. If this is the case, it’s time to start that inward reflection on why you want to be in a relationship but are too terrified to take the first step. How do you think your children will receive him or her?

That kind of closeness is fundamental to a healthy and lasting relationship; the kind you will probably want to start thinking about introducing to your children.

And that kind of closeness doesn’t blossom over a few texts.

Passive aggressive might have worked in some other decade, but as adults, we should’ve gotten that silliness out-of-the-way. I will always try to answer honestly.” And the one relationship I’ve had since my divorce, went right for it. I have created a dog metaphor to help me explain what I’m talking about. But as we begin navigating our time together we’ve got to be able to talk about whatever we’re feeling.