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These Bose sound deadening headphones (9.99) turn a screaming child in the airplane seat across the aisle into a silent Kabuki mask. I’ve heard they can do the same trick with a snoring partner at home.

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Silver surfers dating

My chargers are distributed between bags that I carry and my travel gear so I’m never left without a way to charge my smartphone or tablet.

This is one of my all-time favorite organizing gizmos.

Despite some very pessimistic statistics recently published that only 5% of people divorced or widowed after the age of 50 go on to enjoy further successful relationships, we believe that the over 50’s are actually being more much successful than that.

However the recent negative publicity surrounding online dating and high profile court cases around the country involving rape, murder and serious fraud have already made huge numbers over older age daters re-evaluate the way that they look for partners and are very much looking for a careful, safer, less risky way of finding potential new partners.

The camera is controlled via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using an app available for i OS and Android devices.