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This is the legislation that would decriminalize cannabis under City of Atlanta municipal law.APN’s Editorial position was in opposition to referring the bill because it should have been adopted. The Scorecard now contains 63 specific votes taken by the Full Council dating back to 2003, in which Atlanta Progressive News has taken a position for or against each legislative item or motion.

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If this is what Democrats are doing, then what cause of fear is really left for us to have, as is relates to Republicans?

relationships across the City, across racial and economic and party lines.

Fort would create and lead one of the most progressive administrations in the history of the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta Progressive News endorsed Mary Norwood in 2009 over then-former State Sen. In that race, we believed that Norwood was the more progressive candidate, and we were one of the only news publications to endorse Norwood.

When considering the balance of all factors, we are pleased to endorse Sen.