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After the trip they get an email, or if they don’t have an email they get a phone call, with how much the total trip came out to be.

If there are family members, they get a little bit more.

I realized she might not be comfortable going to the movie theater or getting dinner with her friends.

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Justin Boogaard had been living with his grandma and serving as her driver whenever she needed a ride.

But after three years, he moved out and she lost her rides.

It was in this section just a few days ago an Uber employee working in HR posted a rumor about 118 San Francisco employees resigning from the company.

That post has since been removed from the app but was posted on Twitter by a Fitbit employee who took a screenshot of it and tweeted it out.

We communicate with the driver, ensure that they understand the instruction and then, if there are any custom instructions, that they get that too.


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