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A recent survey of 2,000 married couples by Seddons solicitors revealed that 59 per cent of wives would divorce immediately if their economic security were assured.

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‘They hardly ever see each other and have become like ships passing in the night,’ said a friend. While some couples in difficulties battle to improve their relationship and others walk away, de facto divorcés drift along, leading parallel lives.

He no longer notices if you’re wearing a new dress; you forget to ask about his important presentation.

I wish it were different and I do fantasise about rekindling our emotional intimacy, but I wouldn’t know where to start,’ she adds.

Where once husbands and wives might have stayed together for the sake of the children, these days it’s just as likely to be inertia or the mortgage that stops them splitting up.

You co-exist rather than co-habit, communicating via notes on the fridge or brisk e-mails at work.


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