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Is not overtly sexual on the phone and instead skirts around sexual topics, alluding to what he would really like to talk about.Andrew loves to share his sexual feelings for his sister who he apparently caught fucking her BBC boyfriend.He is attracted to “Amazon women” which he considers to be curvaceous physically imposing women who are athletically skilled and enjoy BBC.

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Charge backers are scum, they don’t deserve to cum. Â Being into things such as SPH, general humiliation (you will see why in a minute) getting his ass fucked with a strap on or toe fucked, he didn’t realize how far I would indeed take his exposure ! can you really take anything he says to be “real” after all, he likes to charge back for legitimate services that he enjoyed ! These are some pictures he was oh so kind to supply during his calls !

You can mess with a lot of things, but you don’t mess with My ladies income ! Then suddenly Michael Vogt, decided that using his Mom’s credit card (by the way he is in his early 30’s) wasn’t a good idea and charged back his calls !!! He was nice enough (Â lol if you call it that) to provide us with some insight lol , you see Michael Vogt likes to drink a lot, get stoned on coke, and even professes to be a “grower” lol does he ? If you know Michael Vogt (and you do know even more now lol ) have him call our office to “discuss” his lying, fraudulent, cheating, little dicked ways ! UPDATEÂ ***** Michael Vogt, did call our office about his billing issues…made promises to pay them up, then disappeared again !!!

please inform us right away. The more information we can provide to the Benton Police the better !

Posted in Charles Michael Oury, cheating husbands, credit card fraud, cyber stalker, cyber stalking, Michael Oury, Mike Oury, phone sex, phone sex bad boy, phone sex users, phonesex, phonesex loser | Andrew made the fatal mistake of deciding not to pay his bill :(Â This is unfortunate and not something I take lightly ! Goes off on tangents frequently and likes to boast about how he knows all these politically connected people.

He can contact me at [email protected]Â 888-790-7908 he knows how !