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The consumer database on this page averages about 288 million records and 100% of the full records have full opt-in email data criteria with 23 basic columns of demographics per data record.

Furthermore over 70 additional categories of "Interests" can be queried and downloaded based upon the type of website that the data recorded opted into.

(I was a widow and he was widowed twice and we found each other with help from our angels in heaven!

) I would recommend your site to everyone and anyone----------------especially lonely seniors (I am 70 and Bill is 68 and we both were on your site) we only lived 22 miles from each other and grew up in Chicago and have a lot in common--unreal..

After the turn of the 20th century they began to publish their images as postcards.


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    All hunters should strive to make ethical decisions even when a buck of a lifetime is in range. After you have established the direction the wounded deer went, they usually head for water, or low swampy areas. I heard a big whack, he jumped straight up into the air and took off like a shot.

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