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This partnership is particularly important for Web services, which promise users and application developers program functionality on demand from anywhere to anywhere on the Web.

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There are tools available to convert DTDs to the W3C XML Schema Language, so if you have DTD-based schemas that you used with an earlier version of the JAXB Reference Implementation, you can use these tools to convert the schemas to XML Schema Language.

Binding: Binding a schema means generating a set of Java classes that represents the schema.

A Reference Implementation of the API is now available in the Java Web Services Developer Pack V 1.1.

Let's look at JAXB in action, and compare it to SAX and DOM-based processing.

For example, a schema identifies the elements that can appear in an XML document, in what order they must appear, what attributes they can have, and which elements are subordinate (that is, are child elements) to other elements.


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