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So it has marshalled the state’s religious apparatus to condemn the jihadis and proclaim the religious duty of obedience to the rulers. ” The first thing many Saudis will tell you about Wahhabism is that it does not exist.

And schoolbooks detail how boys should cut their hair, how girls should cover their bodies and how often a person should trim his or her pubic hair.

While Islam is meant to be a complete programme for human life, interpretation is key when it comes to practices.

Others do not want to mix, seeing gender segregation as part of their cultural identity.

In some conservative circles, men go their whole lives without seeing the faces of women other than their immediate family – even their brothers’ wives.

For most of his adult life, Ahmed Qassim al-Ghamdi worked among the bearded enforcers of Saudi Arabia.


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    "Parents may want to be the main sexuality educator for their children rather than by omission having it be pornography." She said that parents "should think about the messages it contains about gender, equity and sex and sexuality" as well as the "role and expectation of being male or female in this culture, about respect for your partner and sex in the context of a caring respectful relationship, and what kinds of images and practices they want to shape their arousal." Putting it into context It's also important to put the activity into context.