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In addition to geochronology data, the Re-Os geochronometer provides the Os isotope composition (Os = 0.12) derived from cosmic dust and hydrothermal alteration of oceanic crust.

The Re-Os geochronometer can be used to date sedimentary successions lacking suitable horizons for traditional geochronology techniques such as Ar-Ar or U-Pb zircon geochronology.

Streppenosa oil, a heavily biodegraded oil generated at an early stage of thermal maturation from a shaly source rock, is clearly distinct from the Noto and Sciacca oils, both generated at peak maturation from a carbonate source rock with no subsequent biodegradation. Crude oil and ASPH from Noto and Sciacca oil yield a Model 1 isochron age of 27.5 ± 4.6 Ma with an initial = 19).

We interpret this Oligocene age as the time of initial oil generation, that was probably related to the onset of regional collisional tectonics in southern Sicily.

Recent studies with the Re-Os geochronometer are beginning to improve our understanding of the biological, geochemical, atmospheric, climatic and tectonic transformations recorded in the Proterozoic rock record.

The Re-Os geochronometer can aid in establishing a robust chronometric framework that is essential to fully understand the timing of events and processes through geologic time.

We present an optimized Re–Os procedure with sample digestion in a high-pressure asher, followed by isotopic measurements using negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry.


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