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Critics have also praised the film's anti-imperialist stance. Paul Blackthorne, who was chosen to play Capt Russell because he reminded the film's Indian producers of Jack Nicholson, added to the controversy last night by defending the film.

One Indian review hailed its depiction of the British as "a people who made us their slaves. He said: "The British Raj at the time were not far short of Mafiosi and the film depicts them quite accurately.

He said: "The British cinemagoer is getting fed up with all the special effects in films that come from Hollywood these days.

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The British made their Indian subjects pay protection, claiming they needed protection from each other."In those circumstances, I was quite happy to portray a nasty chap who was carried away with his own power and position; a man who uses it for his own egotistical purposes.

You would be hard pressed to find a goodie at that time." Rachel Shelley, who co-stars in the film, said: "I have read a lot of history and depictions of India by Victorian women at that time.

I don't think anyone would disagree that we were quite awful.

The colonialists who were out there were quite terrible and they thought of themselves as superior."The controversy over the storyline is unlikely to do the film any harm, particularly in the United States, where recent films have played up the alleged villainous qualities of the British.

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