Problems updating iphone to ios 7

Step #1: Open Settings and then Accounts & Passwords. Tap on the account you want to manage and then select Manual.

If the above two solutions are not acceptable, you can schedule the push of new data. Moreover, you should also keep auto-lock to minimum, i.e. If you are using more than one i OS devices and the devices are connected with the same i Cloud account, you should turn off auto downloads and updates feature.

Users, in their efforts to fix i OS 11 battery drain issue on i Phone and i Pad, resort to many solutions.

We will list a number of solutions that can help you fix i Phone X battery drain issue running i OS 11.

To gain precise number, you can tap on the clock icon next to ‘Last 7 Days’ tab.

Tap on the clock and you will get to know minutes you spend on a particular app and the minutes the app is running in the background.

This feature not only reduces file size up to 50% but also retains the image quality.