Popular dating sites in china

To gain more followers, QR codes are essential and provide a link from the online world to the physical world.

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Jiajia, not her real name, a member of jiayuan.com, believes in verified profiles, saying she cares very much if other members have verified information.

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In his suicide note, he claimed he and his wife were VIP members of a dating website with verified personal profiles made by website, according to early report.

But he later found that information about his wife didn't check out and she scammed him for over 10 million yuan in months.

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The Chinese use We Chat app for restaurant bookings, booking flights, making investments, shopping, paying bills, hailing taxis, transferring money, posting Moments on their walls, etc.

Tencent used to have restrictions on advertising, but they now allow brands to advertise on We Chat with banner ad, KOL advertisements, and Moments ads.