Out of office error validating user agent execution access

out of office error validating user agent execution access-17

Process overview: Interoperability between OAM Agents and OAM Servers This topic provides information about secure communications, connections, storage, input, logging, and Analysis.

Secure Communication: The Access Tester supports Open, Simple, or Cert connection modes for communication with the OAM Server: : The Access Tester encrypts all password-type values that it saves to configuration files and test cases.

In the security world, Agents represent the policy enforcement point (PEP), while OAM Servers represent the policy decision point (PDP): This core OAM product architecture revolves around the following exchanges, which drive the interaction between the Agent and OAM Server.

To expose inter-operability and the key decision points, Figure 19-1 illustrates a typical OAM Agent and OAM Server interaction during a user's request for a resource.

The output of such a test run can be captured by the Access Tester and used to compare against a similar document containing "known good" responses.