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Note- today is 4/17 which is mid-April so we should be more information soon.11/4/16 Important note....

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The Reverse Automatic Braking uses 4 ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper.

new color- Touring only, Sepia bronze metallic replaces Burnished bronze new interior- Touring only- saddle brown leather interiornew- machined black and silver 18" alloys new- redesigned steering wheel new- LED low and high headlights with automatic low beam aiming Lane Keep Assist. These are excellent cars but not perfect so here are some initial opinions and impressions...

Helps steer car back into its lane when drifting over 40mph Subaru High Beam Assist (HBA) which switches the headlights between high and low beams when another car approaches, all new Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB) to help stop low speed parking lot mishaps when backing up. check back for updates when the cars arrive THE GOOD Quieter..

with sound insulation windshield and other tweaks, the car is quieter.

have standard turn signals in the outside mirrors (only the Touring does) 7/13 2017 manual transmission 2.5i and Premium models (codes HFA, HFE) can now be ordered, with delivery in October.