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That gun and another were recovered by police after the suspects were arrested in a stolen Toyota Camry -- located near Hopkins and Villard 30 minutes after the Cousins robbery.Police say before the Cousins robbery, they hit up the Game Stop on Silver Spring and the Subway at 58th and W. An employee robbed at the Subway restaurant on MLK Drive said he vividly remembers the pink gun.The winners get to spank the runners-up with a dinner plate-sized metal platter — the "Ass Platter" — passed down to each successive high school class.

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They were arrested after a traffic stop on Milwaukee's north side.

Police said they're believed to be involved with several other recent robberies of businesses on Milwaukee's north side.

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The two fled the scene in a red Toyota Camry with cash — but before leaving, officials say Batton left behind a fingerprint on a glass door.