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Mac application, the process is basically the same as what we have just done above: Now that we have a basic window created, we'll look at the typical processes a Xamarin. Mac application, other than having the user click the window's Close button or using a menu item.mac OS provides two different ways to close an ) has been modified by the user and needs to be saved.Apple suggest the following guidelines: For more information, see the Naming Windows section of Apple's OS X Human Interface Guidelines In mac OS, an application's window can go full screen hiding everything including the Application Menu Bar (which can be revealed by moving the cursor to the top of the screen) to provide distraction free interaction with it's content.

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There are times when the application needs to resize a window in code.

To resize and reposition a window, you adjust it's property.

According to Apple, there are five main types of Windows in a mac OS App: For more information, see the About Windows section of Apple's OS X Human Interface Guidelines Windows in a Xamarin.

Mac application can look and behave differently based on how the user is currently interacting with them.

As an example, let's drag a Toolbar from the Library Inspector onto the window in the Interface Editor: Next, drag in a Text View and size it to fill the area under the toolbar: Since we want the Text View to shrink and grow as the window's size changes, let's switch to the Constraint Editor and add the following constraints: By clicking the for Red I-Beams at the top of the editor and clicking Add 4 Constraints, we are telling the text view to stick to the given X, Y coordinates and grow or shrink horizontally and vertically as the window is resized.