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Then select "Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode" and click the (Yes) button. This happens if you are trying to send a report to the screen and you forget to select Screen Use Format in the Output Options menu.

This takes you to the DOS prompt, usually C:\WINDOWS. To send a report to the screen successfully: Enter New or Old chart data as usual in the Natal Data Entry screen.

After you have opened your Solar Spark chart file simply highlight the chart you would like to delete and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. This is most likely due to the fact that the desired asteroids and/or TNPS are not turned on in the Main Chart Default Planet Selection window. In the planet/point selection window on the left-hand side of the screen type Y in each blank next to the planet/asteroid/TNP name you wish to have as default. This option only worked if you had Timegraphs I in the same subdirectory with Chartwheels.

ASTROLABE DOS PROGRAMS The following notes on Astrolabe DOS programs cover the most common problems reported. When finished typing Ys, type C to close the selection window and then type C to close the Main Chart Defaults screen. This message may appear when leaving the Utilities menu. With Timegraphs II on your system this option is now disabled.

The output will then correctly go to the screen without the error message. Why does the report quit printing at about 17 pages into the report?