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Even though the game is just meant to be fun and lighthearted, I strive to keep up the writing quality.

If comes anywhere close to the quality of many text-based games I'd be thrilled.

I didn't mean to offend you and by no means do I think VNs should be free, hell, I would've paid to play Katawa - no problem. Yes, the campaign is doing far beyond anybody's expectations, including my own.

If you're going that route though I just hope it's a Visual Novel not a Visual Game as alas more than half of Winter Wolves offerings seem to be these days. more story and choices and less of the 'What do you want to do today? And I'm sticking to Visual Novel--doing a game (like a bonafide stat sim) would be far more complicated than I can manage in a year.

I like the concept, then again coming from me that's hardly a surprise, but like CJW already said keep it visual novel and please no twitch based mandatory mini-games.


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