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act in big maybe can help you gain more popularity. I was watch cross gene performance twice before on kpop countdown & I like their song (la-di-da-di) too, but I'm not realize he's one of them...

your acting is good but you appear in big is too little (although you're the 2nd lead). I hope you get better role next time First time I saw him in “big” drama my heart beats sooooofast.

Every actor apt to their role, director has bought d best from all, writer has penned d best story, music en songs mind blowing. Would love to see all these actors and actresses in a production out of the USA. Nest of luck in the future "Big Boss." Hello I am mary aionie sevilla To my idol song joong ki. U r the best actor Song Joong ki as Captain Shijin... We are dyingly looking forward for the part 2 of the kdrama... Each episodes has its different emotion has been shown... I finished watching descendants of the sun yesterday. Im a filipino citizen i done watching descendants of the sun.. And now I'm counting every minute 'till episode 5 of Dot S.

U sure are a gifted actor Sir, who performs naturally. Song Joong Ki is extremely handsome and great acting skills. And now I have become a total fan girl of this guy. I am currently watching SKKS and you are just freaking amazing as Yeorim. DESPITE of show dubbed in hindi i saw korean version to hear your voice. I saw u firstly in my life nd i lov ur acting ur way of talking .... Me and my family excitedly watching descendants of the sun. Song Joong Ki can portray Captain Yoo very well, it's like two different people between Song Joong Ki and Captain Yoo Si Jin.

i just dont understand why you become this 'big superstar of asia' 'most wanted for asian woman'. honestly i just cant movin on with this crazy drama 'descendants of the sun'. Even you left the shows, I remain to be an avid fan because of you. The Joongki I've known before stays humble till now and how could I ever stop supporting you? I just wish your 30s be filled with the love of Friendship and healthy relationships ♥ Saranghaeyo ♥Fighting! i've like sjk since the year before last year and he's honestly such a bae. I am afraid next time would be Korean Drama will be the other one that I will stop to watch. my first korean drama is the innocent man which is joong ki play as a main lead actor . i love your great acting , youre so manly and handsome . keep your hard work and hwaitinggg btw i miss you so much I have seen A Werewolf Boy day before yesterday.since then I cant get over it. What an amazing actor this man acted with just facial expressions and eyes without any dialogue.