Masterbaion buddys chat room

I need an ana buddy who will actually stick with me and tell me how fat i am if i need to hear it and to tell me what to do. Have a wonderful day you lovely people :) I'm 16 yrs old 5'7 and 114lbs.

Height: 5'4 SW: 135 ibs CW: 128 ibs GW: 112 ibs Please kik me: sofilovberg I'm really nice so don't be shy:) Hello! So here's my kik : Bullshit Alert so please anyone kik me and we'll see what happens from there!

Masterbaion buddys chat room

I am 20 and I am 5'7" and I am 130 pounds, I want to get down to 120 at least would you be interested in being my buddy? I'm 20 yrs old and 5'2 I weigh 120 and would love to have a support buddy to keep each other on track and make sure we're losing all the weight we should. Email me [email protected] maybe we can text or IG message. I've recetly "started" so I'm still really fat but my goal is to loose a lot of weight FAST! As I said I would love to have a Ana buddy so KIK me! I'm 13 years old, 5'3", and 97 pounds (as of a few days ago). I could really use some motivation and can motivate others!! I've already lost a couple pounds but messed up bad these couple days. Email me at [email protected] I'm 15 from the uk , I'm 5"5 and my CW:124lbs I really need a strict coach or buddy to help me get down to my GW:98lbs Snapchat :emmabelle282 Kik : Emma Belle14 Message me on either if you're interested I'm Anna. I need an Ana Buddy who will tell me how fat I am and motivate me. I feel like my boyfriend will like me more if I was smaller even though he tells me he loves me the way I am. I'm willing to be your buddy, i'm looking for someone help me and in turn i'll help them, well try my very best to, i'm 18 from England Really serious about helping each other fast, diet and swap tips really If you're sitll interested pleas reply Natasha Hi!

Let me know if your interested, email is [email protected]!!!!!!!!! I also have a group chat on whatsapp (currently about 9 girls, not exactly pro-ana but we all have an ED. ❤ I have been pro ana for 3 years but have lost motivation along the way and wish to be skinny again! I just want to feel beautiful and look like everyone else. I'm 1,70(5'5 feet) m tall and weight 50 kg(110 pounds). If you're still interested I would love someone to keep me on track and I can talk to whenever I feel cravings if you or anyone is interested my kik is aliciakirby and if you want my number just ask xx Hi, my name is Sydney, from the US.

I need someone to take me under there wing and help/teach me kik me iwannabebella,or [email protected] I'm currently 119 pounds and 5 " 7 my goal is 100 pounds I really need a buddy I will be someone's project if they want just really need the help and support of people who understand me so please help me Heyy I'm 5'4 and 120lbs. If you or anyone else is interested Id really love to have you as my ana-buddy. Contact me [email protected] who wants a buddy contact me and say in your subject line ANA BUDDY thankyou Hey I know you posted a year ago but DL you still need a ana buddy? I am desperately looking for someone I can trust to motivate me and be really stict to help me get to my UGW and I can do the same for you... i need help im fat im 225lbs and im 15 im 5ft 10inches i live with my stepmom and dad and i try not to eat but my step mom forces me to eat so i go and throw it up afterwards i need help idk what to do Hey I really need an ana buddy but I can't find one:/ Is there anyone in Australia who's around my age (I'm 15) and could be my ana buddy? But I have been struggling with picking up with Ana for the last 2 years of my life. [email protected] if you just want to get to know me before you decide if you want me as a buddy! Just need someone to talk to and help me with my weight loss and reach my goal weight, send me thinspo and positive messages. So would love some help with tips, motivation and decipline. A Hi my name is Amber I am 15 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds. I would like a buddy to do challenges with and help me keep on track. Email me at [email protected] my kik is Mambi_Bambi Hey, I'm looking for a buddy, I don't mind either ana or mia. I really need some help getting to my goal weight, finding it hard at the moment! HW: 215 CW: 207 LW: 174 GW1: 190 GW2: 170 GW3: 150 UGW: 130 Contact: Email: [email protected] Kik: Emmaaa687 Message Me: ZL 248 AHP Gifboom: @emmaaa687 Tumblr: i-dream-that-this-isnt-real.hipsters-sretspih.uncategorized-human.straight-bi-gay-lesbian.Skype: Emmaa687 Thanks Hey. I'm 5’6 and 132lbs but would really like to be 120lbs.

I've never had one before but I think it would really make this whole struggle and progress journey much less lonely and isolating. I need one and would like to text if your would like. I am 21, CW 165, UGW 110, 5'9" Let me know if you are interested :) My kik is perfect... Kik: cravingtobethin482 Email: [email protected] S I had to make a separate kik and email so my parents wouldn't find out so sorry about the strange names Hey Im 22 and looking for an ana buddy. I'm 5'10.5" SW:168 CW:150-155(mom threw scale away) UGW!!! I'm 15 and I live in Sweden but language will not be a problem. I want someone who is kind of new at this like myself. I'm 14, 5'2 and 121 pounds and I want to be atleast a 110- 100 pounds. This email isn't linked to any of the social networks I'm on. [email protected] there, I'm Ana (weirdly enough, named after the silverchair song). I'm often awake at odd times and frequently change time zones. I switch between binge eating and starving/purging (hence my high weight at the moment). I'm looking for a buddy, so we can motivate each other and help each other reach our goals.

my goal is to be 6 stone or at leaast be able to fit into a size 6 pair of jeans, please help me :( my email is [email protected] girls, I'm ana (ha, weird) a little older, and new to this. I'm not necessarily pro ana but need some help with food cravings, cutting down, dicipline and MOTIVATION! [email protected]'m Taylor, I'm 18 years old, I'm 5'9, I weigh 148 and I'm tiered of letting eating control my life.


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