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I reached down nonchalantly, pretending to rub something off my leg, and brushed my pussy. " "I am so fucking horny Ron, and I want to go back and do it till I'm raw, but I don't wanna leave just yet." "We're not going anywhere, just enjoy it, you haven't even gotten up yet, or gone in the pool or to the bar.

I had shaved bare with the exception of a landing strip for this trip. He pulled again, and I wanted to stick my fingers in my wetness. We've got the whole day." Ron was right, and if laying her nude was turning me on, what would it be like to expose myself to people as I walked about?

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And, if I am being entirely honest, I was curious, and I wanted to see, not just nudity, but nude affection and even maybe some sex going on, too.

After flying across country and then down into the Caribbean, we were met by a van from our resort and taken to what would be our sexy vacation spot for the next six days.

At our chairs they were out of view, but now up and about I could see them in full action.

Seeing people naked was not too shocking, at least not as much as I thought, but seeing this was a real eye-popper. It wasn't bad, and didn't seem as wrong as I thought it might.

I even looked to make sure I wasn't soaking through at all.


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