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Things turned sour between the two rich cruise executives after a travel periodical, Travel Weekly, wrote a glowing article in December of 2014 about Veitch and his success at NCL.Sheehan then sent an email to Travel Weekly mocking the article and criticizing Veitch.

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The lawsuit which Veitch filed against Sheehan included allegations which have been characterized by the Skift travel publication as "incendiary" accusations that Mr. The bitter personal allegations between these two former cruise executives arise from a nasty dispute between two very wealthy former cruise executives. Veitch resigned from NCL's parent company, Star Cruises, he reportedly received $10,000,000 as part of a severance package.

Sheehan engaged in “a long pattern of personal and professional misconduct and recklessness, stunning in its scope and hubris, corrosive and detrimental in its impact on the company, and deeply undermining of the workplace culture . He also settled a $300,000,000 lawsuit which he filed against Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group after he alleged that the British billionaire and his company stole his ideas for a new cruise project.

If the victim is under fifteen, the punishment is up to seven years in prison, but still older men/women decide to have sex with young girls/boys.

Parents are starting to become even more concerned about there children’s safety and every week the New York attorney’s receive a calls from angered parents.

Veitch worked at the helm of NCL from 2000 to 2008.


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