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Not only that, the Dallas helmet doesn't match either of the pants' hues, meaning the Cowboys actually use three shades of silver. Some teams occasionally have trouble matching their helmet color to their jersey or pants, because fabric dyes work differently than plastic dyes.But the Cowboys don't have one intended version of silver that accidentally turns out three different ways -- they actually have three different silvers in their official color specs.Further details and lots of additional photos are available here. As far as Uni Watch knows, there's nothing else like this in NFL history. While the collar looked awful, it was one of those obscure historical subtleties that are Uni Watch's raison d'tre.

), the Cowboys have set the standard for despicability for decades. All in all, they present a simple, straightforward look. But to the practiced uniform acolyte, the Cowboys' attire is rife with idiosyncrasies.

) to the loathsome owner and the succession of even more loathsome coaches (has there ever been a more irritating quartet than Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Bill Parcells? The Cowboys almost always wear basic white jerseys, their helmet design is timeless and classic, and their basic aesthetic approach is blissfully free of extraneous bells and whistles.

The 'Boys stuck with this format until 1989, when sanity, in the form of numberless pants, was restored. Only two other NFL teams have gone this route -- the 1984-87 Packers and the 1982-86 Colts. One of those "innovations" that nobody was clamoring for. Textbook case of failing Uni Watch's standard "Is it good or is it stupid? SPIRIT OF '76 Not many people seem to remember this, but the Cowboys gave new meaning to "America's Team" in 1976, when they changed one of their helmet stripes from blue to red, creating a patriotic effect for the nation's bicentennial. No other NFL team modified its uniform -- much less introduced a new hue to its color scheme! But in the context of all the "America's Team" nonsense, it's just another example of the institutional hubris that makes it so easy -- so necessary -- to hate the Cowboys.10.

COLLAR MY WORLD Little-known fact: During the Cowboys' first four seasons, they wore a bizarre crossover-style collar, which created an odd wraparound effect that didn't look so hot.

But instead of taking the boilerplate approach of wearing his initials on a helmet decal, they took his signature fedora and depicted it as a chest patch. Uni Watch can't think of another NFL team that's used a simple graphic symbol as a remembrance. In fact, this is arguably the most annoying Dallas quirk of them all, because it's so brilliant.


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