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What is meant as a joke is not always taken that way. (When either party says stop or other people are offended when it happens around them.) 2).

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Some of this is based on cultural differences, some on geographical differences, some on age differences, and some on gender differences.

The passage of time, shifting cultural beliefs, and changing moralities alter our definition of words dramatically.

When the relationship ends, different truths come out.)10). Keep your personal life separate.) Context is critical and people in office situations need to create and follow better boundaries, adhere to the law, and know their company polices, regardless of what other employees are saying or doing. In our allegedly enlightened era of the New Workplace, where work lives and personal lives get mixed together, perhaps an apt metaphor applies: “As the driver of your career, there are two pedals you control: the gas and the brake.

If people flirt, date, or use Public Displays of Affection at work, and it doesn’t bother them, should other people have the right to complain? These days, it’s best to keep your foot on or near the brakes.

Using a motif of a black and white 1960s-style training film, we see a nerdy office worker, played with mousy skill by Fred Armisen, trying to have a conversation with his office mates, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.