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Yasuaki Shimizu: Kakashi (Palto Flats) LP “Originally released in 1982, Kakashi is another high water mark in the 80s Japanese underground.

This album, which has gathered cult status in recent years, is the project of musical visionary Yasuaki Shimizu, and considered to be a highlight of his solo career.

Deploying a range of ancient and modern instruments and effects, including Buchla Music Easel, harmonium, shruti box, bass guitar, hurdy gurdy, Electro Harmonix 45000, Strymon Blue Sky, and Roland RE 101 Space Echo, among others, Child and Bean conjure an audio experience which encapsulates elements of drone, trance, pulse, rhythm, and melody, subtly shifting all into a psychologically penetrating experience beyond the aesthetic and into the comforting unknown.

Front cover image by Ali Wade; Back cover image by Cathrin Queins; Design by SOMA.

The second release in a series of collaborations between Honest Jon’s Records and Incus: three double-LPs of the legendary free-improvising guitarist Derek Bailey, solo and in duos with Anthony Braxton and Han Bennink, augmenting the original releases with marvelous, previously unissued music.


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    Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave Black Dossier a 9.5 rating praising the complex detail of Kevin O'Neil's artwork and the literary quality of Moore's writing, whilst criticising the quality of the paper, printing style of the hardcover version and some aspects of the storytelling.

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