Is jay hernandez dating

Shayanna, a talented track star herself, shared notes and flirtations with Hernandez beginning in middle school; they continued their off-and-on romance as his profile began to rise in basketball and football – and with it, his popularity with other women.

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Just days after Avielle’s arrival, he called the birth ‘life-changing’ and referred to his daughter as ‘the best birthday gift you could have.’He told NESN: ‘Every time I come [from] the stadium, I can’t wait to go see her, and she’s a cutie.

And basically I can’t wait to go back and look at my daughter.‘One thing I know is that it definitely changed my life.

She rented the 32-year-old two-bed, two-bath condo overlooking the third fairway of the nine-hole course soon after her fiancé was found guilty of Odin Lloyd’s murder.

It is listed in Hernandez’s name in public records.

‘There were a lot of girls trying to get his attention.