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After the marriage, if the one spouse takes out a mortgage but claims to be single on the application, the other spouse is not liable for the debt.The creditor knowingly gave credit to the other spouse under the assumption that they were not married.Instead of having her husband pay it off for her (she was a SAHM and he could have), she got a part-time job to pay for it.

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Then he saw I was serious about paying it off so he helped me get rid of it.

Our finances have changed so much since we got married.

I think the key is to look for signs the person is irresponsible with money before getting married.

My wife had a pretty good chunk of credit card debt when I met her – 6 cards maxed out at about 20k total – I was happy to help.

Personally, I’m fine with helping him pay them off since I believe that while they may not have been the best choice, they contributed to something very good.