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If you don't manage to register then, you used to be able to wait for summer when CCI would sell off all badges turned in for refunds - but there's been no resale the last 2 years and no guarantee it will be held again.

If you're wondering what the grand total of Member IDs is - i.e., how many people are actively seeking a badge each year - I don't know.

There seems to be a general mystery among the uninitiated as to how one "gets" to go to Comic Con. Glitches, heartbreak and sudden good fortune all prevail for different people in unpredictable ways.

Then CCI (Comic Con International) hosts an online Pre-registration Day (usually for people who attended last summer) and then an Open Registration Day for anyone with a Member ID.

Here's how Comic-Con badges work; you show your photo ID and barcode confirmation to pick it up.