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"Sure," Julie purred as she poured another round of drinks and curled up on the floor, her back against Tom's legs. He dove onto the floor between Julie's knees, and then looked up at Tom with question in his eyes. Her breasts weren't too much more than a handful, but were heavy in his hands. Paul gingerly took one into his mouth, running his tongue over the nub. Encouraged, Paul hungrily took more of her tit into his mouth and brought a hand up to play with the other one.

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"You like Julie." Paul blushed and stammered a little bit. Julie's breathing deepened as she became more and more aroused.

there is some shared intimacy when you date someone, regardless of how long ago." "What intimacy? " "I just want to know." A curious epiphany occurred to Tom. To add to Julie's pleasure, Tom's kisses had turned into gentle bites along her neck and shoulder.

"No, not like that," Tom said, "Eat her out." Paul leaned in and licked her cautiously.

Julie hooked her legs over Paul's shoulders, pulling him close. His tongue slipped in and out, rolling around her clit. Seeing the nod, Tom told Paul to remove his clothes.

Tom pulled his hand away and licked Julie's juices from his fingers. "I have a better idea," Tom told her, "Paul, would you like a taste?