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Sometimes you can find him lingering around in the morning and sometimes he doesn’t come out at all.He comes in different sizes, colors, and even has different tastes! I actually think it is extremely common…not everybody wants to be tied down. I went on a second date with Henry or as I call him… Henry is still quite the charmer and just as good looking.No, I am kidding…we actually do have some real men around here but they are very hard to find.

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No, just kidding…got to give the little girl down below a break! Oh and not to mention going to your families parties and they keep asking you when… Belfort is broke, despite the lavish lifestyle that was outlined in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

He currently owes $110 million in restitution to the victims of Stratton Oakmont, and his book only made about $2 million.

Even though you are just fucking, being a rude prick doesn’t make me want to come back for more. There has to be some kind of boundaries so that no one feels… I am not going to try and lie to myself and say that I am going to be on my best behavior, that’s… It starts with the diet, what to wear, where to stay, who do we fuck, and then how are we still alive? Basically, the best thing ever invented and when your single…the hardest thing to find. Because no guy wants to waste his time cuddling you…its supposed to be just fucking. He has never even done anything with me or hung out with me and asked me for a “photo.” Lets be honest, we all… Booze, sex, and I made new “friend” and I know what you’re thinking…I fucked him. Normal job, good looking, great family, and just a down to earth guy but most of all liked long walks on the beach and believed in love.

I am actually not sure how I am alive or anyone else is. Unless, one of your friends with benefits actually does want to just cuddle…then you might have a problem. I wanted to kiss my computer when I saw his profile and I did,…

I speak for all the ladies here in Los Angeles…especially in the Hollywood area.